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House Update

June 23, 2011

We haven’t been homeowners long, but I feel confident in saying that quite possibly the best way to meet your neighbors right away, or at least get them talking, is to have the fire and police department wailing to your home on a stormy evening 4 days after moving in and a giant tree flat on top of the garage, crushing your (one & only) car, brand new grill, lawn mower and other goodies that we hadn’t gotten around to moving in. Talk about wow, you have the worst luck ever  ahem… “Welcome to the Neighborhood!” baked goodies.

Nick and I were upstairs working on the walls, it was raining and lots of thunder and lightning… no big deal…and we heard the loudest crack ever. You know in the cartoons when the characters are spooked and their eyes bug out and their heart drops..yep, that was us.

It ended up being our neighbors 12-ton, 70+ year-old maple that caught a strong gust of wind and split in half…onto our garage. 6 tons-o-tree, that’s a full-grown male elephant..stomping all over our car:(

It’s been a process dealing with no electricity, car and house insurance, permits, inspections,and no car, but ultimately we are getting a new garage (yay! ours was old & kind of creepy), a new fence which we had already planned on updating in the near future to a taller one  for more privacy,  and a totaled car. (thanks to Nicks sister, we have a loaner car until we purchase a new one!)

First they had to remove the tree…we were left with 6 tons of wood in our yard, which my dad and Nick split in one day! I knew I wanted a wood burning fireplace for a reason 😉

After the tree was removed, a crew came in and removed the garage, one piece at a time. They basically split the garage in half and peeled it away from the car. Now we are left with an empty concrete slab for a while until the new construction starts.

Look at the difference from the time we purchased the house…to 4 days later. It doesn’t even look like the same yard! Needless to say, any projects we had planned for outside are put on hold, but at least it gives us an excuse to continue working on everything inside, and I promise this is the last post I will bore you with tree-incident pictures!














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  1. June 23, 2011 1:03 pm

    yay for a new home and new blog!!! boo to trees falling on your garage, car, grill and other things! what a pain in the keester! but i’m glad you seem to have a good attitude about it and can share with humor!

    blessings to you both on this new adventure!!

  2. June 23, 2011 1:48 pm

    OH MY WORD!!!!! I know that this has got to have sucked in every way possible, but thank God it hit your garage and not your house!!! Seriously though? On your first week?? So sorry!!!


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