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Inspiration Boards :: Living Room

July 6, 2011

As far as decorating, we are taking. it. very. slow. These are the end tables we are rocking and we’re actually A-ok with it…for now.

We came from a tiny 1-bedroom apartment downtown with not a whole lot of furniture. Buying everything at once isn’t realistic for us, and I actually am liking that we aren’t rushing anything. We have lots of things to work on before the fun decor can happen, and we’re just trying to enjoy the summer in Milwaukee with family and friends and not get tied down to house projects.

Although the cardboard boxes don’t reflect it,  I have projects and ideas swirling in my head and  a pretty good plan for each room. My problem is that I get visions in my head, and it’s either not financially practical, or it doesn’t exist. In my head it’s brilliant and beautiful and it kills me to not be able to find it in stores! Fear not, that’s when I bust out the sewing machine, sand paper or a can of spray paint and DIY!

The living room has actually been the easiest room to update so far. There isn’t too much that has to be done; fill in lots of  holes in the walls and ceiling and spruce it up with paint. We are lucky enough to have beautiful dark wood floors, wood blinds, built-ins and trim. There is a natural wood-burning fireplace, with a not so gorgeous gold frame that needs some love. My favorite part of the room is the solid dark wood, hard carved mantel that jut screams for a one-of-a-kind mirror.

Here is the living room the day we moved in. This is the day we should have chosen to invest in Spackling Paste. Judging by the amount of holes in the wall and ceiling, I’m going to assume this room was full of very “special” wall ornaments and trinkets and that every hook and nail had it’s special place. All 50 special places.

Here is the layout of the room and the furniture that we plan on putting in it..for now.

And here is the overall “look” that we are going for in the room.

The sofa in the image is one of the only new pieces of furniture that we’ve purchased so far. We bought the England Furniture Collegedale Sofa & Loveseat in the color Temptation Artichoke. My mother is a house painter extraordinaire, she doesn’t use an inch of tape, and her edging is as straight as an arrow…and the weirdest part is that she genuinely likes doing it. (At least that’s what she tells me, maybe that’s just one of those things you do for your kids? If so, I’m sorry future children, because I most definitely did not get that gene.) She so kindly came down to Milwaukee for a few days and painted our house while we were at work. It was amazing to come home and see brand new rooms! We chose Behr Riviera Beach for our living room, the front entrance and hall, and the stairwell.

I’m also o-s0- loving the Seagrass Wingback Armchair and Ottoman from Pottery Barn but at $600 I am hoping I can find a good look-a-like. With so much wood in the room, I am trying to incorporate a variety of textures.

I’ve also come across these rooms that have struck my fancy and will try to incorporate aspects from each one into the final design. Enjoy this little bit of eye candy and stay tuned for updated pictures.

{last 2 images via Pottery Barn}

I’m not sure what I love more in the photo above, the stripes or the dog!

{last 3 images via pinterest}

As for the rest of the house, these are the color palettes that I am digging for the different rooms in the house, I know they look a little wacko all on one page and patchwork-esque, but trust me! I have great ideas brewing 🙂

3 Comments leave one →
  1. Ashley permalink
    July 6, 2011 9:46 am

    Loving the inspiration photos Katie! Can’t wait to see more…all in due time though 🙂

  2. July 6, 2011 5:49 pm

    I am loving the wood blinds in your living room!

  3. Kristin permalink
    July 11, 2011 12:33 pm

    Can’t wait to come visit soon!!! I heard it’s looking pretty nice already!

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