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Easy DIY Coasters

July 28, 2011

How charming are these coasters! Simple, inexpensive and oh-so eco-friendly! They are SO easy to make, just slice up a log with a table saw, birch used here, and BAM! party coasters all around! One of my dear friends has these at her adorable apartment. I always loved the idea, so when we moved, she had her dad slice up a birch log and brought over a stack of coasters for us. How sweet!

Between my GF and I, we’ve shared a bottle glass or two of wine in our day, and as we’ve learned, the best part about these puppies, when you spill and stain your coaster, just toss it outside in the woodchips or compost at no loss. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the white carpet / white pants and red wine combo.

As you know, cardboard and water (and wine) don’t mix well, so these are the perfect addition to our cardboard box end tables. We’ve updated a few more things in our livingroom, but these classic beauties are still with us.

A few updated living room pics…more on what we’ve added in a later post….

Here is a view of our living room, taken standing in the dining room…just to get an idea of the layout.

 In our apartment downtown Milwaukee, this small Tar-jay ottoman was perfect…however, in this larger living room…it seems a bit tiny…so we’ve upgraded to a larger reclaimed wood coffee table from Home Decorators Collection. Love!

Mirror Mirror on the wall… Can you belive we got this GIANT baby for $20  (originally $300!)  at Steins…as in Steins the place we just purchased a bag of dirt and a few flowers for our yellow pots! Who would have thought?!

After moving in, I found two wire baskets in the basement. It’s amazing the treasures we have been finding in our house, hidden in the rafters and buried deep in the yard outside. I loved the industrial, kind of scratched up look of the baskets. Originally I wanted to attach them to the wall of our new bathroom to hold towels and a few glass jars, like in this photo from {pinterest}

… but they were just too big for the space, stuck out too far and looked very strange.

Plan B…Since our new coffee table doesn’t have hidden storage, this is perfect for making all of our clutter look more organized.


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