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Taming the Jungle

August 23, 2011

Since most people tell me they only look at the photos anyways, I will refrain from talking all about what we’ve done in the yard so far, and instead just show you photos…There people, if you don’t want to read, figure it out yourself 🙂

Side note: this weekend I was also busy shooting (with a camera!)

This cute family..

And these cute babes! Aren’t they all adorable!

Now that I got your attention with stinkin’ cute babies…let’s move on to more important things…I know you are just dying to hear all about our could you not be..

Here is a series of before – during – after pictures of our yard so far. We obviously can’t do too much until we get our new garage (which should only be a few more weeks!) and fence. Lots of plans in the works for next spring! We were lucky to have a yard with lots of plants to work with…but almost too much. We haven’t added anything to the yard yet, just moved stuff around or tore things out. The only money we’ve spent was on top soil and grass seed.

With no further ado…

[removed all the tulips – overgrown rose bushes along the path to the road – we have about a million bulbs drying in the basement if anyone needs tulips!]

[removed 2 overgrown shrubs on the right side, and in front of the door]

[cleaned up the garden area  by the front door]

[planted grass along the path]

[removed the two brick paths through the back yard]

[filled in and evened out the back yard with top soil, planted grass seed]

[built a rock wall and created an herb garden…sans herbs in this pic- for the record..they are flourishing now]

[I know it looks bare and lame now..but next spring it will looking rockin’…i promise]

[digging up more weeds and we found a pond!]

It’s been 2 months and 2 days since we’ve moved in, and every single day I am reminding myself that everything will get due time. It takes a lot for me to say…this can wait until next spring. That’s a long time away!

It’s killin’ me to have the construction-zone yard that we have right now, but would do no good to put time or money into any landscape design when in two weeks we will have..yet again…a demolition going on in our small backyard. I can say with confidence that if it weren’t for the garage situation we’ve had this summer, we would have spent a lot more time and money outside and our inside wouldn’t look like what it does hooray for that!

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  1. August 23, 2011 1:10 pm

    Okay, first of all, you guys have done a TON outside! Wow!

    And honestly, I know right now there are probably a ton of things you’d still like to do in the yard, but come fall/winter, you’ll be very happy your focus has been on the inside!!

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