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What’s Cookin’ Good Lookin’

August 29, 2011

We’re list makers in this household. It’s how we function. Lists + Strong Coffee. When we go to the grocery store, we type out every item that we need, and put it in categories according to aisles. You would too if you shopped at Woodmans for two weeks worth of food and meals. That system works best for us and our food budget. We don’t over spend, aren’t tempted to go out to eat as much, (there is a special Dairy Queen clause in the budget) and no food or ingredients are wasted. We plan out our meals a week or two in advance, and leave a day or two open for left-overs or whatever else comes up.

Here’s how we’re keepin’ our grub straight in the kitchen.

We have a giant 5-ft tall cupboard in our kitchen with nice pull out drawers. This is the best place to store any lists, things we’ve run out of, recipes…and it keeps the craziness all out of sight for we are hosting very sophisticated dinner parties (ha!) The large door works well, but a piece of paper, or a recipe taped to the back just wasn’t cutting it.

I pulled the door off the hinges, marched it downstairs, and got rollin’ This chalkboard paint is the bomb (dot) com. You can buy it in a spray can or a regular paint can at any home improvement store. We bought the paint can vs spraying because the inside of the cupboard is smooth and rolling was the better option.

This particular cupboard door took over three coats of the paint, and you have to wait at least 24 hrs to dry between each coat. The first two coats still had lots of visible roll marks.

After the third coat was completely dry, I prepped the board by taking a  piece of chalk on its side and rubbing it on the whole board, then lightly wiping it off. This creates a good surface to write on with the chalk.

I wanted to paint the different days of the week in white paint directly on the door, but I didn’t trust myself with a small paintbrush. Plan B, and a far less chance of me screwing it up…got these instead!

These are 5″ wooden letters from Michaels craft store that I spray painted white and glued directly to the door.

There’s space at the bottom to write anything else that we might need to buy or remember to do. Rest assure, we are not serving “- Cat Food” with our left-overs on Sunday.

Break out the margaritas, who’s stopping by for Taco Tuesday?!

I added some binder clips that I found in the office, just by hot gluing the backs to the board – perfect for holding any coupons or recipes.

Check this project off my to-do-list…now, onto the next one…

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  1. August 29, 2011 2:35 pm

    Really cute and love the days of the week letters! PS I think every budget should have a DQ line item!

  2. August 30, 2011 9:51 am

    I’m there for Taco Tuesday!! 😛 Although, I’m surprised you aren’t hitting up T-Bell for that! 😉 Cute Idea! Just so you know, I’m copying this idea too. And Heather is right, DQ is a NEED in the budget!

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