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A living paper gift.

October 6, 2011

Do you follow the traditional suggestions for wedding anniversary gifts? You know, Paper – 1 year, china – 20 years, diamonds – 60 years…I really didn’t even think of these “rules” when buying a gift for our first anniversary, but my hubby was witty and charming as usual. We were camping at Devil’s Lake State Park for our anniversary weekend, freezing our booties off (low 30’s at night!) but when we got home, rolled up to the front door- there was his paper gift waiting for me…a tree! And thank you Adam for helping with this wonderful surprise 🙂

Ever since doing a little landscaping work, I have talked about adding a beautiful little flowering tree in our front yard. As much as I wanted to get a tree this fall, we decided to wait until the spring. Until he surprised me with this living 1-year paper gift! If all goes well, and we don’t manage to kill it before the first frost, here is what we should see out our front window in the spring – a flowering eastern red bud tree!

Below is a little tradition we want to start, taking a picture, holding the previous years picture (was a wedding picture this year), every anniversary by our “love tree” (that’s the phrase nick coined). This years picture was taken on a day we were having a packer shindig at our house – trust me when I say we don’t normally dress like this! And look at our new fur-baby addition – little Moxie! Imagine after we move and we sneak back to take a picture by The Love Tree every year. I get sniffley just thinking about it.

And speaking of doing a little landscaping..we removed lots and lots of overgrown weeds, purchased a few small perennials, used some things that were already growing in back and moved some stuff around. Here is what we have now. I’m not entirely happy with it, but it’s a work in progress and looks better.

We cleared out the weeds, added hydrangeas, holly bushes, and a variety of grasses and flowering perennials that we moved from the back. It looks weak and shrimpy now, but here is our plan for the spring- a photo-shopped plan. Window boxes with seasonal flowers, larger shrubs below the windows, and look at those hydrangeas, amazing what a Wisconsin winter can do to some measly looking shrubs. Here’s to wishful thinking!

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  1. October 6, 2011 12:56 pm

    Happy Anniversary! Love your tree and your new puppy too! 🙂


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