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October 23, 2011

Let’s face it…the best part about pumpkins are the roasted seeds. We really weren’t too concerned with carving our pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns but wanted a little fall flair on our front porch and really wanted the seeds! We also really needed planters for our fall mums.. but didn’t want to spend the moolah! Why don’t those summer planters go on sale by the fall?? Introducing…Mumpkins! Delicious Seeds + fall flower planters = cheap practical festive flair!

My same crafty friend that helped me with these lanterns..also helped me with this project! We cut off the tops, dug out all the pumpkin guts, cleaned it out really well and swirled a few splashes of bleach inside to kill off any chances of rot or mold with the plant. We added some putting mix and plopped the potted mum right inside! I would also suggest drilling a small whole or two for drainage.

Here are some creative pumpkin ideas that I have seen around the web. What about you? Have you carved your pumpkins yet? Did you do anything creative? Stick to the classic Jack-o-lantern face?

Porcupines! {source}

Preppy {source}

Modern Chevron + Silver {source}

Floral {source}

Candy Corn {source}


And my personal favorite…my Father’s creation on my parents front steps last Halloween!

 Happy Fall everyone!!

And now it’s time for a shameless plug. A while back I entered a photo of our little feline fur baby, Dexter, to the Wisconsin Humane Societies 2012 Calendar Contest. The entry free is a donation to the society, so we figured, why not! Sales of their calendars are a large fundraiser each year so it’s a great project. Nick and I are firm believers in adopting and rescuing pets so this is near and dear to our hearts! Out of lots of entries, Dexter was chosen to be in the top 13 and is in the running for the cover shot! (Wahoo, proud momma!) Voting ends tonight, VOTE NOW (he’s the cat with the bubbles, #8!) so dexter can appear on the cover of the calendar! It’s practically the same as appearing on the cover or People Magazine, or the centerfold of..well, you know…it’s a big deal in the animal kingdom!



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