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{almost} Everything is free in the paint aisle…

November 7, 2011

…almost everything…except the paint – but that’s beside the point. We frequent Home Depot, Lowes, or Menards on a weekly basis. I will be the first to admit, I enjoy these trips – there’s so much fun junk  in all these stores! Have you been to the paint aisle lately?  She’s  filled with project potential, inspiration and ideas! Look at this project we  worked on for our office…

A  large sunburst mirror made out of paint sticks! My good friend sent me a link a while ago about this project, and I knew I had to do it. I’ve seen this project floating around the web lately so, I hopped on the bandwagon and I wanted to share my gold {15-dolla} version. I love it on the Kate Spade Green walls! So fun and quirky!

For the past few months, every time I was in a home improvement store, I would grab a handful of paint sticks. Just a hint, if you want to do this, Lowes keeps theirs behind the counter and you have to ask for them – making it semi-awkward when you ask  for paint sticks…but are not buying paint. ” ‘scuse me mam, I promise I purchased 15 gallons of paint a few hours ago – it seems as if I forgot to pick up my paint stir sticks…”

Here are the supplies for this project. All under $15. All found at a Craft Store.

46 paint sticks …………….  free! You can use more or less, depending on how close you want the sticks together, or how big your mirror is

10″ wood embroidery hoop …….. $1.99 at Joann Fabric 

10″ circular mirror ……….. $4.99 at Joann Fabric 

2 different gold paints ……….  $4.00 each

Gorilla Glue or Hot Glue ………. already owned

Wood Stain  ……….  already owned from this project

I will spare you the details and direct you here, where I got the idea… but basically here is what you need to do…

– Lay out your embroidery hoop, whatever size it is, and decide how many paint sticks you need.

– Paint a square piece of wood with whatever paint colors your using, then glue your mirror onto the board.

– Glue the 10″ embroidery hoop on top of the mirror.

– Paint or stain your paint sticks. I stained the sticks on the bottom layer with Jacobean and added a thin gold shimmer on top of the stain and painted the top layer with a more yellow gold paint and shimmer.

– Cut the sticks for the top layer a  shorter length  – I used the curve that was already in the stick as my cut guide.

– Attach the sticks with Gorilla Glue or Hot Glue around the embroidery hoop. Let it all dry and re-glue any loose pieces.

– Tada! Admire your artwork.

While I was browsing DIY Sunburst Mirror Ideas…look at all the fun projects I came across… all found in the paint aisle….and if you are anything like are a bit of a paint color swatch hoarder and all these projects could be a possibility in the near future.











As for our office , besides our mirror, we’ve added another large addition about a month ago – a double desk. Look at what my wonderful hubby crafted!

I’m a mac… and he’s a PC so we needed our separate space..and we got it…all 10 feet of it. The office is a smaller, narrow room with windows on one end, and walk through doors with a closet in between on the other so this layout worked out the best for our workspace.

As you can see, we’re using our old office chair, and one of our dining room chairs.  Our plan is to find two matching chairs that we can update ourselves. I am a texture freak and would love to get some metal into the room with one of these chairs or something similar. I’m keeping my craigslist eyes peeled.




The little guys above are not realistic or practical…but how cute are they? {source}

As much as we’ve done…I still feel like there is SO much more to do. Here’s what we have planned for the office…

paint the walls

paint all doors and trim white

create a large double desk

install new light and ceiling fan

get 2 new desk lamps…we’re thinking orange!

2 new desk chairs

create an all white framed gallery wall…inspired by this going on the wall above the computers

add a small seating area in corner by the bookshelf…if we have room for this

We are working on our gallery wall this week so stay tuned for updated pictures with lots-o gallery wall ideas!

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  1. November 13, 2011 10:17 am

    Love the mirror and your other paint aisle ideas (and why did they start hiding the stir sticks? i hate that)!

    Also love your desk! YHL inspired? It’s gorgeous!

  2. February 5, 2013 10:47 am

    Looks great!


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