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Shadow Box Art

November 29, 2011

I’m not much of a collector… besides magazines…it’s not so much that I intend on “collecting” them…but for whatever reason I just can’t throw those things away and it drives Nick craaazy.

We were recently given some of Nick’s Grandpa’s collections – all very random things…but special and unique in their own way. Although I was never lucky enough to have met him, Nick’s Grandpa sounds like he was an amazing man with a passion for a lot of different hobbies. The stories that I hear about him sound so interesting and are told with such love.

One of the collections Nick now has is his Grandpa’s stamp collection. Hundreds of stamps. Some in books. Labeled and dated. Some in envelopes. And lots piled loosely in a box. Each unique, with a story to tell. Oh how we wish that we could have learned some of these stories – where they all came from, how he received them, what his favorites were…

I’m sure that lots of people would take each stamp, and put it in a special plastic sleeve, in a binder for safe keeping, and set it on a shelf to collect dust.

This collection is creative and beautiful, and we chose to display it as a piece of art, for everyone to see, and enjoy – like it should be! We went through the stamps, did as much research as we could, and chose to use the ones in our project that weren’t of any great value, so we weren’t ruining anything by putting a pin in it.

This is a really simple DIY project and could be done with just about anything. All we needed for this project was:

1’ x 1’  white shadow box – purchased from Target

1’ x 1’ piece of cork-boardas the backing in the shadow box, also from Taget

Tiny pins from Michaels Craft Store

Depending on the stamp, I used two, three, or 4 pins – not so much to attach the stamp, but to keep it lifted off the cork back. I love the dimensional look of all the stamps and how they aren’t all perfectly attached.

The color details of each stamp pops against the green wall and will be a perfect addition to our office gallery wall.

 What about you, do you collect anything? How do you display or use it?

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  1. Lori permalink
    November 29, 2011 1:58 pm

    Nick’s Grandpa would be thrilled to see your work of art.

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