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Even a basement laundry room deserves a little love.

January 20, 2012

Our laundry room is..well…a laundry room in the basement of a house built in the 1930’s. It gets the job done, gets out the skid marks and all, (kidding!) but it’s nothing to write home about. Well…since I’m currently writing about it…then I guess it is..a little.

Point is, it wasn’t that great to start off with, and it’s still not that great..but it’s better. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

If you’ve painted, you know what a pain it is…after you finally find your supplies, get a drop cloth, find a brush and roller that’s not ruined by crusty paint, you lug your goods up the stairs…then head back downstairs after forgetting your ladder..then back upstairs..then realize you don’t have anything to open your paint bucket….and don’t even get me started on cleaning afterwards.

Since moving in, we’ve painted over 9 rooms in our house..(ok, so I have to give credit to my mom for several of those) we know a thing or two about it..and we also know how messy it can get. Our laundry room area and the utility sink became the dumping ground for all things paint and stain and it needed a little help..from none other than…paint!

We decided to give our laundry room a minor, zero cost spruce up. We had leftover paint from our bathroom, a light and clean blue color so we used it on all the walls and then spruced up window trim, baseboards, laundry chute, and shelves with a fresh coat of white paint.

Here is our laundry room when we moved in…

And after a little elbow grease and some fresh paint…

The updates were as Fresh as a certain prince from bel air…but then there was this…a creepy dark window with old plastic over it. We’re all about the plastic over windows around here…considering as I type it, it’s a crisp -2 outside…but this was just weird and needed to go away.

It appears when the previous owners built a deck outside, this window was boarded up with plastic over it, and can’t be used because it would open to the dirt under the deck.

I remember seeing this project here, a while back…how creative is this for bathroom storage! Way to go, Liz! we decided to create similar storage for all our random painting supplies, while covering up the eyesore of a window.

All we used was leftover wood scraps, 5 aqua Ball Mason Jars, and 5 large pipe clamps for a whopping total of ZERO dollars.

First we caulked around the window to seal off any more cold air or moisture. Then we cut and stained enough wood scraps to over the window, and screwed them in along the wood edge of the window frame.

Then we screwed the pipe clamps into the boards, and tightened them around the jar for some stylish, but practical messy laundry room paint storage.

And just to get an idea of the layout of our basement area…the back of the palette wall that we talked about to the left. Back here is where we store all the electronic devices for the other room.

And now I think I need to add a little something fun to another wall down here..laundry rooms deserve some art, right?

Check out some of the fun laundry room art and projects I found around the web.

{via Etsy}

{via amazon}


{via Ballard Design}

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  1. ckp permalink
    October 9, 2012 3:26 pm

    good stuff…looking to do my own this month….think you installed the white wire shelves upside down though.

  2. Lynda R permalink
    March 2, 2013 7:32 am

    Looks just like my laundry room with exposed pipes. Great ideas with the shelves. My laundry room is too industrial looking. This is inspiring! Great post.

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