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I pinned it. I did it.

January 30, 2012

I’ve been hooked on Pinterest for a while now, and I feel like just recently it’s really blown up and everyone’s joining! (there is your subtle hint to join if you haven’t already- it’s the cool thing to do, people!)
We all pin away like crazies, planning the nursery for the baby we don’t have, decorating the mansions we don’t own, learning workouts we will never do and planning our weddings to the man were not even dating. It’s like the game M-A-S-H of 2012.
I want to try to make or do more of what inspires me in the beautiful Pinterest world, so every Monday I am going to feature a different project, recipe, or idea and share it’s success… or failure in “I pinned it. I did it.”

My first project is not exactly best for this cold weather, but I really don’t think the pup will mind. You are probably familiar with “Frosty Paws” frozen dog treats…well I found a blogger via Pinterest that recreated the dog treat, with all natural ingredients, and for just a few bucks…so I Pinned it and gave it a try!

The only 4 ingredients are yogurt, one banana, honey and peanut butter.

Check out all the directions and measurements from the original source here…but basically you blend all the ingredients together and freeze. Simple!

The original author used an ice-cube tray to freeze her treats, but apparently we don’t own one of those..yeah it took us 7 months to learn that as well… So we used small dixie cups instead.

These are a little messy and will be more ideal for the summer outside…but judging by this face begging for more, I think the verdict is a success!

What about you? Have you created anything from the great Pinterest world yet? I would love to see it, send over your pictures!

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