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Twenty Six.

January 31, 2012

I’m now closer to 30 than I am to 20 and it ‘aint no thang.  I’m not big on New Years Resolutions…or maybe I’m just not good at keeping them, but I wanted to make a list..a list of 26 things…nothing big…nothing small, just a list of things to think about, and by putting it on here, I feel more accountable to look at it over and over.

I had a wonderful weekend with friends, went out for dinner and drinks, and am very excited to spend an evening and a great meal with my Mister tonight, and then head to my sister and brother in laws house this weekend to see my whole family.  Cheers to a wonderful year!

In no particular order, here is my 26 on 26.

1. Buy higher thread-count sheets
Sounds dumb to say, but what is it about some of those amazing hotel beds and why can’t I have it at home. Best nights sleep ever.

2. Play more games

3. Spend more time at the library..even if it’s just to browse

4. Complain less
i really don’t complain any more than the average joe – but in reality..I know I have absolutely nothing to complain about when you put things into perspective

5. Find the right church for us

6. Get more sleep I type this as 12:30am…off to a great start 😉

7. Grow out my hair
no reason..never had long hair..might be fun? might hate it and chop it off in the’s just hair, it will grow back.  I think everyone should do something different with their hair once in a color, new style..part it on the other side (crazy, I know)

8. Call my friends and family more
why is it easier to text back and forth for 10 minutes instead of putting the phone to your ear to talk and listen..i don’t like that but I am very guilty of it.

9. Send  more snail mail
if I had to pick anything to be my “resolution” this would be it…I feel awful when facebook reminds me of someone’s birthday, and it’s too late to send a card…so this year (after I missed about 5 different relatives birthdays in jan (sorry!) I decided to write down every event in my planner and am trying to get special cards out to everyone

10. Keep my nails painted
i swear unless they are covered in 2 layers of shiny paint, my finger nails lack the ability to grow

11.  Eat More healthier foodseven if it costs a little more
easier said than done..but I think limiting my bags of sea salt and vinegar chips might be a good start

12. Volunteer
humane society, soup kitchen, art class or garbage cleanup..everyone can always use an extra set of hands and there is no reason why I can’t help

13. Learn to knit

14.  Make more time to pray

15. Pay for someones coffee behind me at Starbucks
happened to me once and it was honestly the best..only a few bucks but starts your day off right

16. Travel more
the ‘ole budget doesn’t exactly allow for tropical getaways right now, but some of the best trips we’ve done have been  mini-day trips..its amazing what gems you can find so close to your house

17. Learn to trust my instinct
its there for a reason..sometimes I dont understand it..but I second guess it an insulting number of times…sorry, instinct

18. Wear  lipstick
again…not the most brilliant..but how glamorous does a pop of red look

19. Break my habit of magazine hoarding
yeah..its getting bad, and I dont know why I just can’t chuck ’ doesnt help that my friend gives me her copies once shes read them..maybe that’s what I need..someone to give mine to. Any takers?

20. Listen more
not going to lie..ive had phone conversations with people who I love very much..and could hang up the phone and not really tell you every detail of the conversation..i need to listen more, with intention.

21. Better posture
i give you all permission to say something when you see me slouching at my desk  or  walking with my shoulders rolled forward..

22. Learn lots more about photo post-processing
how to be better and more time efficient

23. Get to know our neighbors better

24. Fold the laundry
i simply cannot get this one right, i am embarrassed to admit..i never fold the laundry, if it can’t be on a hanger, I leave it in the basket for Nick to fold. Maybe im not that bad..but everyone around me is just really good?

25.  Tell my husband, my family and my friends how I really feel about them
that i love them, need them and appreciate them

26. Learn the art of relaxation
it’s strange that i’m not good at this, but i think a glass of red wine and a good book (or magazine) is a great start 🙂

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  1. wmbilgo permalink
    January 31, 2012 7:39 am

    Oh god ! I created a Magazine Monster 🙂 I’ll teach you my purging skills! Happy Birthday

  2. January 31, 2012 8:08 am

    Happy Birthday Katie! Hope you have a great day and I really like your list. All doable items but all things we need to remind ourselves to do (I’m turning 40 and still need to work on 6, 19, 21, & 26. 🙂


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