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The results are in….

April 16, 2012

Are you ready for this?? Not ONE person got it right 😦 Buah ha ha ha..the gift card is all mine!

And if you have no idea what I’m talking about right now…check out my last post here

American Fox Hound + Stafordshire Terrior (pit) + Bulldog.

Basically Moxie is a hard core Mutt, tracing random mixed breeds to her Great Grandparents, so her breed is not 100% detectable, but those three were the strongest in percentage in her DNA.

YEAH…we were shocked too! Assuming you are all way shocked and totally into this like we are..(is it obvious yet that we don’t have children?)

– So surprised that there is not a single trace of Lab in her

– I see the Fox hound (she’s a southern belle from Kentucky) and the Pit..but not the bulldog…maybe that explains all her loose  skin. I always just thought that she would grow into it.

HAHAH This picture cracks me up SO much, I promise that I was barely pulling and her tail was wagging as I snapped the picture. I have no idea why but it cracks me up.

Here is her official report if you want to check it out. Kind of interesting…I can only imagine that getting a paternity test is not nearly this fun..unless you’re on Jerry Springer…

So there you have it! Pretty geeky, but so much fun!

And now to the good part – The Gift Card Winner! Since no one got it 100% correct, there were 5 of you who guessed 2 out of the 3…so with the random selector at of those….the WINNER is…

MARIANNA! Woot Woot! Crate & Barrel gift card coming your way, girl!

Thanks for playing everyone, this was fun – let’s do another contest soon!

Bottom line, no matter what Moxie’s breed is, we saved her by adopting her from the humane society and wouldn’t trade her for the world. She is the sweetest girl in the world, the best cuddler on lazy days, running partner, is so gentle and kind with kids and is a joy to have around the house every single day!

Enough about Moxie – exciting new house DIY projects and room updates coming soon!

– Kt






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