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Taking it Outside: Our week in snapshots

May 1, 2012

This is our first Spring in our new house, so it’s been fun to see what’s popping up outside. But before you get a beautiful image in your head with perfectly placed tulips, and pink budding trees, let me stop you. To say that our yard is a slight disaster is closer to the truth. When our new garage was built in the fall, the majority of our yard was ruined, it sinks down in the middle, weeds have taken over the past few years, and the landscaping that we do have is overgrown and just not right for the yard. We are clearing A LOT of it out, moving things around and starting with a clean slate. Without boring you of the details, here’s a snapshot of a few projects we’ve been working on around the house the past week.


A secret closet space is finally turning into a reality thanks to my very skilled and patient Mister…..more on that hefty project later 😉
… and taking our first stab at veggie and flower seedlings….I really have no idea what I’m doing..but to a tune of 80 cents a pack…it’s worth the learning experience!

Our deck is getting a facelift and some extra seating space. We can’t wait to entertain outside this summer!
Making room for new plants…it’s all fun and games taking down trees with a Sawzall..until the roots need to come out too.

Some surprise beauties amidst the mud, sawdust and chaos…
… and I’m slowly learning that the yard has to get worse before it gets better…that and patience is a very hard concept for me when it comes to landscaping. I want to look perfect right away and it just doesn’t work that way.

Digging trenches and hiding unsightly drain pipes..(thanks dad!)…
… and taking down the old to make room for the new fence!

A new home for our seedlings with lots of fresh salads in our future…(wishful thinking??)
… and a new fence to keep out the bunnies eying up our carrots…

I hope you are all getting outside to enjoy because “At the end of the day in the spring, you should smell like dirt.” And yes my friends, I’m afraid that we do.

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