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12 rooms | 12 months

June 18, 2012

In case you missed it here…I talked all about how our Litte Ivy home was meant to be! It’s officially been a year and were takin’ a tour. I’ve said it before…we’re always happy to have visitors…but be warned..we’ve been known to put our guests to work and repay them in a cold beverage or a treat from the DQ down the street….(maybe that explains my 1 year weight gain?)

Here’s to 12 rooms in 12 months…Welcome to our (constantly) in-progress home.

Let’s start with the LIVING ROOM…the room we spend the most time in…and actually the room that we’ve had to do the least amount of work in…woot woot! This is literally the only room that all we had to do was paint and decorate..EASY!

Here is what the room looked like when we walked through the house.

{images via}

And my original Inspiration board

A few things have stayed the same..and a few things have changed.

Here are a few projects we worked on for the living room.

DIY (free!) Coasters

DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Sofa Table

Fireplace progress…

Aqua paint added to the insides of the built-in’s to break up the neutral tan of the walls..

And here is what the Living Room looks like today…

Our DIY sofa table…

There really is an art to built-in styling…I clearly haven’t mastered it, but working on it. We don’t have enough books to fill up the space, and I’m constantly adding to the shelves, and then realizing how cluttered it looks, and taking away. I recently got really into old camera collections, so for my birthday my parents went around to different antique stores, ebay, and thrift stores and come up with an amazing collection of all different antique cameras from all different eras that I proudly display on the shelves. I know there are a lot of “rules” but I think as long as it has meaning to you, why not!

We bought the curtains that you see on the right, above, from World Market. Put them up, and I just didn’t love them. I love the colors and the pattern, but there was something about them I wasn’t digging. It was the way they were attached to the rod, they weren’t grommets and they didn’t have rings, so they looked a little old fashioned in that room. I ordered a pack of 15 ring clips from Amazon for about $7 and that was the solution. An easy and cheap way to modernize any curtains!

Still in need of more wall pieces, I’m not nuts about the frames we have above the couch, but are fine for now. We’ve got other fish to fry right now 😉 It needs a little more love and a little more “us” style.

What about you? What is your go to Living Room style?

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  1. July 3, 2012 9:13 am

    I love this room! And I really love the change with painting the gold fireplace…almost enough to fix mine. But…I’m just too darn lazy!!


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