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Tropics in the Bay

June 19, 2012

Did you notice our new tropical additional to the living room?

This green leafed beauty has become my personal keep it alive. It’s like the kid that’s allergic to everything and should be kept in a bubble. EVERYONE that comes over says, “Nice palm..good luck!”.. Apparently these little guys are tough to keep alive, but excuse me…do you know who I am..ahem I did work at Stein Garden & Gifts for two summer, thank you!

The plant was a $20 Home Depot sale purchase and I LOVE what it adds to the room. Sometimes when we’re having people over for dinner on the patio we bring it outside making the backyard a little tropical oasis. We’re going 3 weeks strong and I’m not giving up!

A bit freaked out, and wanting to prove everyone wrong, I did a little research to keep this buddy alive – my pride is at stake here people. Here’s what I learned:

This plant is a DIVA  –  the Mariah Carey of houseplants

– Add sand to the soil (duh!) Never crossed my mind, but it makes sense, these are sandy tropical trees

– Bright indirect light (we have the perfect place between two windows, it gets light all day

– Prefers humid climates so a daily misting is a good idea..(like I said, a diva)

– A good idea to water and mist your palm with filtered water…they really want rain water so the next best thing to filtered water …welp sorry palm but I’m not about to pour a Dasani into your soil every morning…so we use our dehumidifier water which is purified. Instead of emptying the full tank down the sink, use it to water your plants or your animals, it’s actually cleaner water than out of your tap.

DIY idea…spray paint your pot. I was looking everywhere for an aqua colored planter, but no such luck. The only colored ones I liked were ceramic and mega buck$. So I found a nice $15 plastic one from Menards with a shape I liked, and then found this..

…this magic spray can change any ugly plastic into whatever color you choose . I know there’s also special spray paint that is made for plastic – eliminating the need for this primer, but the colors are more limited. After a light coats of primer, (i forgot to snap a before pic, the pot was a dark tan color)  the planter was ready for color.

I chose an aqua color from Krylon called Catalina Mist. It was almost an exactly match to the teal color in our curtains and the color in our built-ins.

I love the color it adds to a very blah corner of the room.

Wish me luck, I know the winter will be tough.

Considering this is what my “normal” looks like many months of the year…

A little of  “this” wouldn’t be so bad…

ok so it’s not quite like that, but with a tropical drink in my hand, and my heat turned up, a girl can dream.

What about you? Is there anything plastic & ugly (plugly?) that could use a little facelift? Give it a try!

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