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Just add stripes

August 2, 2012

I’ve got a 5 minute fix for you! With a simple ceramic pot, craft paint and sand paper, turn a cheap Ikea ceramic pot from blah to ooh-la-la. It’s no secret that I love anything striped so I figured a few gold stripes are just what the photo shelves needed in the Blue Room.

There is something you can’t fake about hand painted items – the inconsistency of the paint stokes are perfect!

The pot I had to work with already had ridges in the design, so I wanted to use those as my guide to paint. It’s a glazed pot, so the paint didn’t initially stick. I grabbed some sand paper and roughed up each stripe to give a little texture for the gold paint to stick to.

Another quick fix I did with old terracotta pots HERE.. and a plastic pot HERE…

And a few more ways to spruce up old pots from pinterest.

The dipped look is hot for furniture, clothing, and pots!



Chalkboard paint pots


Mod Podge and pretty fabric to transform a plain terra cotta pot


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