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Welcome Back

October 9, 2012

I can’t believe it’s been over two months since posting – I thought our busy schedule was going to slow down after summer, but I think it’s actually picked up. We’ve been gone almost every weekend the last two months and are busy and gone the next 1.5 months. Who want’s to grab dinner November 15, I think we are free! I’m certainly not complaining, it’s all good things, I’m thankful we are able to be on the go all the time, but I am ready for a night off with a little R&R at home.

Warning: This post is filled with a lot of random photos and not a lot of substance. Bear with me here as I jump back into the blogging game 🙂

Weekends at the Lake with family and friends

Celebrated our 2nd Wedding Anniversary!

We visited Kohler Andre State Park for our annual anniversary camping trip and thought it couldn’t possibly be any colder than it was last year, but it was. And we froze. But the days were sunny and warm{er}.

Our yearly family photo {take by the Love Tree}

I wanted to be all nostalgic and take photos each anniversary with us holding the previous photos…something cute like the photo below that i saw on pinterest...


but that just didn’t happen for every reason possible – and I realized I really didn’t want to frame/display photos of me holding other photos.

Here are our photos the last two years. I think if we get a photo each year, that’s good enough for me:) Look for us in awkward family photos!

Packer Game at Lambeau Field

And a Michigan Wedding!

And just for fun…a random Instagram Collage of the past two months…On Instagram? Follow me! >> KMHANS

I have a toasty batch of  pumpkin seeds in the oven as I type this and a mug of hot cider on my desk. Do you do anything special to embrace this cozy time of year?  We are heading out to New England to spend some quality time with  dear friends next week. Leaf peeping, hiking the mountains, exploring the coasts and catching up in the city.

Happy Tuesday my friends and stay tuned for lots of fun new DIY Design Projects & More!

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  1. Lynn permalink
    October 9, 2012 12:53 pm

    Welcome back – I’ve missed you.

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