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Who Knew…

February 28, 2013

Who knew my wonderful Nick could turn an attic space from this…




into this..



Not I! And I don’t think he did either.  I say this in the most loving way possible… but two years ago, we were living the apartment life, his tool box consisted of a hammer, a few nails and probably some duck tape. The biggest project he did was assemble a target tv stand  (which is still kickin’ in our living room) and hang a photo or two on the wall.

Then we bought a house that needed a little love.. and he got the itch. He built a table…fenced in our yard (which I have yet to blog about!) a double desk,.and a few other projects. Christmas and birthday wish lists turned into tools..the work bench grew….lots of youtube videos and a gained sense of confidence and he’s exceeding all of our (and I would guess his own) expectations.

Seriously, this project was all him..with some help from loving friends and family who decided that insulating 2×4’s, picking us up at Home Depot after we bought a giant carpet roll or plywood that didn’t fit in our car, or mudding drywall seemed more fun than a day in the office. I can’t understand that type of male bonding..but I appreciate it, so thanks!

I’m not going to give you the play by play..because it would bore you..and if you plan on doing this yourself, I’m the last person to be instructing you on how to do enjoy some photos instead.

When we looked at this house, we saw this extra space and were completely creeped out by it, but knew it had potential to be built out.

No lights, no window. Just a lot of dark wood, a vent that was probably home to bats, lots of old owner junk and a dabble of insulation.


These photos don’t do the creepiness factor any justice. They were taken after everything was cleared out, which took us a good year to even attempt to do. This baby was HOT HOT in the summer and very COLD in the winter so we pretty much kept it shut for a year hoping that things weren’t living in there.



Here is where the closet is in relation to our bedroom.


You can see that we have a smaller closet, which had all my clothes in it. Nick used the guest bedroom closet. We actually have an even larger space behind our bedroom, which is more attic space, but the slope is alot steeper and the ceiling is a little lower. There is potential to build that out someday…far far away.



The door into the closet is so unique, a custom shape and it’s splits to open half way. I’m not exactly sure the purpose of it, but it makes a great coat check door or a door for Mr Ed the horse. The door has since been removed and is being stripped. Not sure if we want it to stay white, or possibly stain the original wood a dark color to match our floors.


Do you see those bare light bulbs in all the photos? When we moved in we immediatelygot rid of the shades on the wall lights, and are since kicking ourselves for not keeping them. After 5 different failed attempts to find shades that fit, we are forced to take the DIY direction.


The final {now carpeted} space is 5 feet wide and 20 feet long, has 3 ceiling lights, 3 outlets, a new window, 8 large pull out drawers, 5 built-in shelves, a 4 shelf center unit with baskets and 2 long poles for hanging. Bonus! We can both {barely} stand in the space {which is a big deal in these old houses}.







We primed and painted all of the drawers, added trim to the outside for a more custom look and added large handles. Here’s what we found for the drawer pulls (which we love!) Save some ca$h and don’t forget to hunt online! Even with S&H we saved a lot of money on what was almost the exact piece of hardware at each store.




So here I am, finishing up this post, staring into the closet, and out the snowy window waiting for the day we can lay in bed with the fresh air blowing in.



So there you have it folks. Our attic closet transformation by my lovely husband, number cruncher by day..contractor extraordinaire by night.

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  1. Terri Camp permalink
    February 28, 2013 6:21 pm

    This is awesome!! You’ve got quiet the talent. Attic space can sometimes be such a waste but you have mastered yours!! Your husband is a ‘keeper’ 🙂

  2. March 1, 2013 10:20 pm

    I’m officially jealous of your closet. What an incredible remodel! You go, Nick. And nice photos and bargain hunting too, Katie! Love it!!

  3. March 4, 2013 4:54 pm

    This is absolutely gorgeous!!!! Awesome work…it looks amazing!!!

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